Discovering reflexology during pregnancy

Enjoying reflexology during my second and third trimester was one of the key reasons I trained as a therapist. As I became heavily pregnant, there was nothing I looked forward to more than lying down and enjoying a treatment which not only felt great for my tired feet but was also very relaxing. It was a great way of reducing some of the stresses and anxiety that naturally came with pregnancy and helped prepare me for childbirth.canstockphoto1646719

Recent research has highlighted other potential benefits of reflexology during pregnancy including reducing labour duration and the amount of pain relief required. Of particular interest to a lot of pregnant ladies is reducing the chance of being induced. Research in 2010 conducted by a team of midwives in the Midlands showed some really interesting outcomes.

Pregnancy Reflexology Plan

As with all reflexology treatments, the required frequency is very much specific to an individual. Feel free tocanstockphoto1868139 call me to discuss a specific plan to suit you.

I would emphasise that you should check with your consultant, doctor or midwife before undergoing reflexology, particularly if you are considered a higher risk pregnancy.